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Palm Oil in Soaps

Many soap makers, both commercial and handmade, often use palm oil as a main ingredient. If you check soap labels you may often see the words "palmate" or "palm oil" listed - and since it is a versatile product, it has many uses. Because of the over-dependence on palm oil, there are problems associated with how some of it is produced.


According to the World Wildlife Fund, a rainforest area the equivalent of 300 football fields is cleared every hour to make way for palm oil production.

This large-scale deforestation is pushing many species to extinction. Displacement of animals is reportedly violent and includes horrific poisoning of elephants and dismemberment of orangutans. In addition, other already endangered animals such as tigers and rhinos are subject to increased poaching and wildlife trafficking as their natural habitat shrinks.

Even some 'sustainable' palm oil production harms the environment, as the land must first be cleared (thus destroying biodiversity) before it is replaced with dangerous monoculture. Therefore it is important to distinguish between a responsibly sourced product vs. one that is merely sustainable.

The resulting ecological damage increases greenhouse gases, a contributor to climate change, which affects us all, regardless of where we live.

Hand Feeding Elephant
Baby Tiger

Human Rights Concerns

The palm oil industry has also been linked to major human rights violations, including child labor and unsafe work conditions, in certain countries.

Palm-Oil-Free Guarantee

All That Yazz carries products which are 100% palm-oil-free. They are gentle on the skin and gentle to the earth. Every purchase of a palm-oil-free product makes a global difference.

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