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All That Yazz was established in 2017 as a solution to everyday soaps and shower gels that can often be harsh on the skin and can leave residue. Its original business began as a line of gentle soaps that are paraben-free and also eco-conscious by using palm-oil free ingredients.


Since then the business has expanded to include highly coveted sugar scrubs which are primarily used for hands, and unusual handpoured candles that make beautiful keepsake items.

Rolled Spa Towels


Our soaps are made with saponified oils, natural pigments for color, and phthalate-free scents. Because we do not use sodium lactate to harden our soaps, our products are prized for being gentle on the skin. 

Each bar is handmade, hand wrapped and produced in small batches to ensure its consistent high quality. Every soap is tallow-free, with most being vegan; those made with goat milk, camel milk or honey are vegetarian friendly.

Prancers Peppermint Soap.JPG


In keeping with our commitment to environmental welfare and low climate impact, all our products are 100% free of palm oil. Many soap makers rely on palm oil as a key ingredient as it is a versatile product. However, we cannot in good conscience do the same, due to the severe environmental and social issues associated with its production.


Although some organic and sustainable sources of palm oils exist, we believe the impact on biodiversity is still hurtful as animals are often displaced even with such practices. Please CLICK HERE to read our palm-free statement.

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