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Shop Small Every Saturday!

All That Yazz's Curated List of Small Businesses you can Shop with!

Small Business Saturday is our annual tradition of being the gateway to holiday shopping. We start small, hunting for great vendors and crafters to support locally, and then segway into Cyber Monday, and then spiral into a frenzy of gift giving for everyone we know. However, what is to stop us from shopping small every Saturday? Read below to see my picks of wonderful small businesses that you can support - and which will provide you with great value for your hard-earned money!

As a small business owner, one gets to know lots of people - including those who own other small businesses. Each of the businesses I have written about below are those who present a unique product or service - and I can personally attest to the quality of each.

Manouche Z&Z Bakery

Seriously the best flat bread pizza! I first came across this Middle Eastern family-owned business at the weekly farmer's market at Mosaic District in Fairfax, VA. A line had gathered outside the canopy of Manouche Bakery, where the fragrant smell of freshly made flatbread and ridiculously tempting cheese filled the air. The bakers worked a portable oven, and kept the flatbreads rolling out in time to the orders. And when it was my turn, I ordered the Jibneh - and let me tell you - the salty 3-cheese blend atop handmade bread with the perfect crust is so on point! You simply have to try it yourself to understand how flavorful this it. Their food is so great that if I don't find them at the Mosaic farmers' market, I will drive out to Rockville, MD to their brick-and-mortar and indulge there!

Eileen Egan Pottery

There are some people who are artistic and others who are mathematical. It is a rare find when one comes across someone who has both traits and produces incredible work that shows both creativity and precision. I first met Eileen at a holiday market a few years ago. Something about her pottery catches your eye - and when you stop to examine the various pieces, their beauty and design start to mesmerize you. Hailing from Arlandria, VA, Eileen has a background in drawing and printmaking. The secret to her craft is two-fold - not only is there a deliberate and unique precision to her pieces during the throwing stage, but she also ensures that the pottery is fired in a kiln that takes 4-days' continuous round-the-clock attention to produce exquisite designs. Whether you are looking for a piece for your kitchen or a gift for the holidays, check out her webpage here and be wowed by her.

Karina Gaull Handmade bags

Everyone needs a bag! Be they practical pieces, or decorative accessories, they are an essential part of any wardrobe. Enter Karina Gaull, a self-defined sewist (an artist who creates through sewing). As a fellow-vendor with my booth next to Karina's at several craft shows, I learned of how she initially started her career as a graphic designer, and her eye for detail and purpose lent itself to additional endeavors including jewelry-making and then creating one-of-a-kind bags. A NOVA-local, Karina sources textiles from a number of nearby stores, often seeking out remnant fabric, to ensure it can be turned into a functional item. Adorable and essential items such as totes, coin purses, cross body bags and satchels can be ordered from her webpage here. And if you have specific fabric that you want incorporated into the design of your bag, she can make that happen too!


The talented artists listed herein have created truly memorable and uncommon products that one would be hard-pressed to find anywhere other than through their webpages. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you in advance for supporting these small businesses!


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